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[wlug] static NAT?

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Perry Lorier perry@c...
Thu Dec 21 21:43:06 NZDT 2000

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> Here's a curly one for you all...
> I actually have a partial solution, but would love some fresh thoughts.
> I have a client who wishes to map several IP addresses on one class C subnet
> to IP addresses on a different class C subnet on a one to one basis.
> e.g. --
> --
> --
> and so on - 6 of them to be precise.
> Now, one of the specifications is to use RH 6.2, and the current stable
> kernel - 2.2.18 - therefore no iptables allowed - ipchains solutions only.
> Any ideas?

create eth0:1 -> eth0:6 with the 'real ip's  (assuming your masqing onto
eth0, if it's ppp0 then use that)

use iproute2 to set up source based routing routing each of them onto a
different eth0:*

set up 6 ipmasq rules to masq each one individually.

No idea if it works.

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