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Michael Cree cree@p...
Tue Aug 13 09:41:12 NZST 2002

V K writes:
 > > I am running cups as the printer daemon under Suse 8.0.  Rpm -q cups
 > > reveals version 1.1.12-69 is installed.
 > Ensure your yast modules for cups are current. There were updates.
 > Did you use yast to configure it or did you do it the long way?

Yast is that which came with Suse 8.0 CDs.  Yes, I did use yast in this case
(unusual for me - I usually get frustrated with yast and go back doing it
the proper way - edit the configuration files myself - much shorter and
quicker and gets done exactly what I want. Anyway, since Suse have abandon
support of a non-X window based yast, yast has been rendered practically
useless.  How do you configure a machine when you don't have X running or
when you don't have physical access to the machine and have to get to the
console through a serial port???  That's a major problem with yast imho.
Btw, what is the long way to configure a machine?  Use a disassembler and
edit the object code whilst it is in memory and then force it back to the
disc?  You can rest assured that I have long ago given up such practices!)

 > might tell you something. I briefly switched to cups and didn't think
 > it was as well supported, I didn't like it and went back to lprng.

Well, that raises interesting questions.  I admit that I have found that
standard lpr (BSD lpd), from my experiences with other Unices, is pretty
limited and assumed that the case would be similar on Linux.  That is why I
went to cups.  Your comments above suggest I might be wrong on that
assumption.  Anyone care to comment further on the pros/cons of cups versus


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