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Oliver Jones oliver@d...
Thu Aug 15 00:37:04 NZST 2002

I had to do battle with a printer today.  By default the bjc600 driver
that is used in Ghostscript 6.51 and RedHat 7.1 produces output that is
_way_ too dark.  Fortunately for me the alternate bjc610a*.upp driver
does a much better job.  There are ways of adjusting the gamma of out
put with postscript but finding a way of reliably plugging this into
RH's LPRng print filters is a mystery to me.

IMO printing on Unix platforms is extremely ass.  /etc/printcap is
hideous.  Almost as bad as  Unix desperately needs a
unified set of _good_ print drivers with _options_.  It's pointless
having a driver that's good at printing text and graphs and useless at
printing photos.

Printing has long been an area where Windows and Mac's have kicked out


On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 23:47, V K wrote:

    > Yast is that which came with Suse 8.0 CDs.  Yes, I did use yast in this case
    > (unusual for me - I usually get frustrated with yast and go back doing it
    > the proper way - edit the configuration files myself - much shorter and
    > quicker and gets done exactly what I want.
    I increasingly find that I can't be bothered with mucking around with
    ten zillion config files everywhere, and just use yast. After the
    initial go I can still tweak little things with a text editor. Most
    things are however configured from variables in pretty obvious files in
    /etc/sysconfig/, SuSEconfig dies a great job.
    > Anyway, since Suse have abandon
    > support of a non-X window based yast, yast has been rendered practically
    > useless.
    Perhaps you should put your hate aside for a little while and have a
    look at the engineering facts. Yast has been discontinued because all
    of its functionality is now in yast2. Yast is a symlink to yast2. What
    do you think happens when you crank it up as yast? Right, it starts in
    text mode with ncurses interface. Likewise if $DISPLAY is unset.
    What do you do when yast2 doesn't configure things the way you want?
    You drop a line to feedback@s..., that's what I do. More often than
    not it's in the next release.
    > Btw, what is the long way to configure a machine?  Use a disassembler and
    > edit the object code whilst it is in memory and then force it back to the
    > disc?  You can rest assured that I have long ago given up such practices!)
    Somehow I don't think you're old enough to have ever really needed to
    do this... :)
    > Well, that raises interesting questions.  I admit that I have found that
    > standard lpr (BSD lpd), from my experiences with other Unices, is pretty
    > limited and assumed that the case would be similar on Linux.
    It would be, if you use BSD lpr. Nobody does any more.
    > assumption.  Anyone care to comment further on the pros/cons of cups versus
    > lpd.
    versus lprng, big difference. By the way the SuSE default is lprng.
    Yast support is good. Support for lprng via their mailing list is
    extremely good, very active bunch. It looks to me to be very fine-tuned
    software. SuSE's print filters for lprng are very good too (they don't
    use the one which comes with lprng, I guess for a reason).
    Cups has its own print filters. Both use ghostscript as the final raster
    image processor, unless the printer is postscript. Both have a
    BSD-lpd-compatible interface (i.e. lpq, lpr, lprm).
    Switching between cups and lprng with yast is pretty painless
    (misc->printers under cups/lprng). Switching from cups to lprng does
    not preserve the cups config. It costs less than 5monutes to try it
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