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V K list0570@p...
Fri Aug 16 16:17:58 NZST 2002

On Thu 15 Aug 2002 09:42:03 NZST +1200, Michael Cree wrote:

> in Suse 8.  It is just too bad that the ncurses terminal implementation in
> yast2 is inane and unnecessarily difficult to use.

Agreed. The keycodes are shocking. But it does work, and you implied it wasn't
available, unless I misunderstood that at midnight.

The easiest way to use upgrades for SuSE is to mirror the updates directory with
rsync, leave it on disk or put it on a CD. Note you must have the correct dir
structure, but there's an sdb article about it. If it's on CD, run patch CD update,
if it's on disk, run online update and select source=locadiskpath. Works a charme. Oh
yes, both from yast, and I did upgrade to KDE 3.0.2 with that while running KDE as

I can supply up-to-date CDs (chocker full, KDE 3.0final and 3.0.1 missing due to
lack of space) if anyone wants.

>   Now I have a shell script that will be very
> useful for package upgrades in the future.

Shell script? No need to put rpm -UvhF into a shell script.

> told, doesn't have an inane kid's interface to administration also seems
> to be tickling my fancy! :-)

If you don't want to use kid's interfaces, just rpm -e yast as root?

[story about AppleII virus]

>  > It would be, if you use BSD lpr. Nobody does any more.
> Hmmm.  We are doing so on our Alphas.  Your claim has just been proven
> false.  Taa daa!

As anyone recently pointed out, these days Unix=Linux (unless you go by financial
turnover)  :))

>  > versus lprng, big difference. By the way the SuSE default is lprng.
>  > Yast support is good. Support for lprng via their mailing list is
>  > extremely good, very active bunch. It looks to me to be very fine-tuned
>  > software. SuSE's print filters for lprng are very good too (they don't
>  > use the one which comes with lprng, I guess for a reason).
> What I would like to know is what is that reason?  I note looking at the
> lprng documentation that they recommend the ifhp filter for interfacing via
> the JetDirect port (9100) of HP network printers.  That is what I would like
> to have.  But Suse implement a connection to the lpd port (515) of the
> printers

Set up a filter queue only, and another raw queue for printing, then change printcap
for the raw queue to go via jetdirect instead of suse's filter?

I don't know any reasons why suse made their own filter. One would have to look
closely at the relative capabilities. Everyone seems to have gone away from
apsfilter, perhaps similar reasons apply.

> It took me longer than 5 minutes using yast.  Mainly because yast buggered
> it up and didn't make the correct changes to shut down the cupsd and run the
> lpd.  I had to find the problems yast introduced and fix up the config
> myself.

I sent that as bug report too. It seems when uninstalling cups the daemon doesn't get
removed, thus clobbering printcap while running. Fixed already. The fault would be
with the rpm, not yast. Or are we talking about something different here?


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