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David Nicholls davidn@w...
Mon Aug 26 11:28:19 NZST 2002

yeah, they keep meaning to update their page., i'll dig up their number for you if you like.

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From: John R. McPherson [mailto:jrm21@c...]
Sent: Monday, 26 August 2002 11:22 a.m.
To: wlug
Subject: Re: [wlug] ISP Help

Lindsay Druett wrote:
> And as I was mentioning to Paul in a private reply to this thread,
> Satlan/Planet have a point of presence at Waikato hospital on the
> Elizabeth Rothwell building (women and children's block).
> You can't go wrong with  $ 60.00 per month.

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>         From: David Nicholls
>         Sent: Fri 23/08/2002 4:55 p.m.
>         Subject: RE: [wlug] ISP Help

>         PlaNet / satlan corp do a nice 128k radio connection for $60/mnth +$400
>         setup fees... inc. linux router setup, aerial, fixed ip addr etc.

Ok, you guys have got me curious now, but I'm stuffed if I can find
anything relevant to them online. Is there a data cap? (Not that I
would use that much, but it's nice to know). just has a page saying "coming soon" that was last-modified
in March 2002, neither exists as a, seems to be
some other training place altogether (last modified April, and who would
trust an ISP that uses frontpage for their website??!) and after some
exhaustive google searching I found which is also horribly
outdated and their listed services seem to be only dial-up a/c.

Are they too exclusive for the likes of me? Can someone please tell
me the password??!

Alternatively, anyone good any recommendations for some cheap-ish
web hosting, just for some personal pages (will need some scripting
ability)? I remember there was some talk a while back about setting up
a server or some space for personal use by wlug members, although nothing
seemed to come from that... I wouldn't mind contributing.

Thanks all,
John McPherson

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