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John R. McPherson jrm21@c...
Mon Aug 26 14:46:55 NZST 2002

Volker Kuhlmann wrote:

> OT, but you got that wrong I'm afraid. That person was called in to fix
> a problem or two with an existing Debian server someone else had
> installed, which involved some package updates. Updating those packages
> screwed a few things, not appreciated for a production server. Problems
> were in the area of package dependencies, which seems to make a lot of
> that debian-packagement-is-super-duper look like hype.

I have *never* seen screwed up debian package dependencies in a
stable debian distribution. You weren't using the "unstable" branch on
a production machine now, were you?

> Personally I still fail to see what advantages the debian package
> management system has which rpm couldn't do as well. As someone who
> uses SuSE too I think I'll stay with that.

.rpm and .deb have about the same capabilities as a package format.
apt-get just manages the downloads of dependencies, while a similar tool
did not exist until recently for rpm-based distros.

(But I'm guessing you already know this... this is for the benefit of
others who might not!)


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