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Craig Box craig@d...
Mon Aug 26 17:22:14 NZST 2002

While we're on the subject...

I ran my BBS on DesqView.  I wouldn't exactly call it great multitasking,
but the 386/486 it ran on could comfortably run one node for dialup users
and one node for me to use it too.

I was reading a "GUI History" site the other day; linked to it by pictures
of Rhapsody (the very early development code-name for MacOS X).  NeXTStep
3.x was ported to the Intel x86 / PC platform when NeXT tried to change
their focus to purely software, dropping their proprietary hardware.
OPENSTEP, which followed, was also available for the x86. Finally, for
whatever reason, when Apple started using OPENSTEP as the basis for their
new version of MacOS they maintained a PC version for some time. After
Rhapsody DR 2, however PC support was dropped. See for the pictures.

DesqView (distributed by Quarterdeck, the makers of the Quarterdeck Extended
Memory Manager QEMM, for those who remember DOS with a fond love) also came
out in a graphical version called DesqView/X, which was - you guessed it,
basically an X server for DOS. It was X11R5 compatible and could do all the
standard X stuff (running applications on remote DESQView/X or Unix
systems). Its page in the history books is at

While we're on the subject of flash user interfaces, has everyone seen the
Gnome 2/KDE screenshots from Red Hat's new (null) beta? (7.3.94ish - will
eventually become 8.0)  There's just something really sexy about them.  I'm
gonna try getting the theme and all the XFS hacks working on Debian.  (Or
even try running Red Hat on my desktop PC; the thing that keeps me on Debian
is the ability to apt-get install things and have dependencies sorted out.
If Red Hat got that sussed, or the Connectiva people with apt-rpm got some
decent repositories, it could be the clincher.)
edhat01.jpg through to
edhat20.jpg (replace numbers where necessary)

1-16 are running Gnome, 17-20 are running KDE (Could you spot the change?)

There's been a bit of controversy, mainly from miscreant KDE developers who
think that GNOME is a bad thing.  Basically, Red Hat are trying to unify the
look of the two desktop environments a bit and provide the best software on
top of it with a common look.  Some people are a bit miffed that Konqueror
and KMail are "hidden", even in the KDE environment (in favour of Mozilla
and Evolution), but I fully agree with what Red Hat are doing.  I've been
dying to see Gnome and KDE come together to provide a single look and feel -
the best and worst part of Windows all rolled into one.


P.S. My vote is Woody.  The box isn't really there as a file server either
Gible, more a net-connected Linux system for those who want to have a bit of
a play.  However, we have to ensure that it doesn't become just another DDoS
launchpad; you might want to check or (read
the article at)

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Sent: Monday, August 26, 2002 5:01 PM
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> At 01:07 p.m. 26/08/2002, you wrote:
> > >  Anyone got any recommendations for which OS to use? Which
> DrDos & DesqView - any distro... a modern hacker wouldn't recognise either
> anyway
> Seriously...what difference does it make? Unless you choose to allow
> GUI access (yeah right) all most users are going to need is ftp.
> Tho I'm sure many will want a shell.
> Better to ask the person who has to maintain it.
> Love & Spikes
> Gible

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