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Perry Lorier perry@c...
Wed Jun 26 17:55:46 NZST 2002

After a few people suggested man pages that have more examples,
comments, and problems fixed in them, and howto's with little
discussions about this and that attached to them, perhaps modelled on
the php manual, I decided to implement a Waikato WLUG Wiki.  I managed
to import all the man pages on my machine, and as many howto's as I
could, before RSI claimed me and I've been unable to do much work on it

CraigBox has started putting a lot of work into it now, with a little
bit of direction, so it looks like this project might just get off the
ground. :)

The wiki is currently hosted on my adsl, but I'd love for people to give
it a go, perhaps trying to make sure that they add their name somewhere
and a short description about themselves, and try and add 5 facts about
linux for example help about a paticular program (grab a man page, clean it
up, add some examples etc, or write a "ProgramNotes" page for it), or
maybe information about a distribution (debian's notably missing at the
moment) or something else.  If everyone on the list provides 5 little
bits of information, the wiki will be a powerful place.

The URL is  It will be moving sometime,
I dunno when or even where.  the final / is kinda required for some

Click around, theres lots of fascinating stuff in there, especially in the 
well linked "people" section :)  Lots of weird pages as well to find :)

What does not destroy me, makes me stronger. -- Nietzsche

[1]: anyone far too knowledgable about apache rewrite rules?

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