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[wlug] Highpoint Techonogy ATA RAID controller

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Volker Kuhlmann hidden@p...
Sat Feb 8 22:58:24 NZDT 2003

> Has anyone successfully got a Highpoint HPT370/HPT370A ATA RAID
> controller running

Yes, zero trouble, it's detected as is, a case of plug-in-and-go. The
one from DSE. It's trivial to even install the whole system on it, as
long as you take the time to partition the disks first and declare the
raid stuff. Well with SuSE anyway.

Note that you can't partition a raid-partition, although fdisk lets you
do it you can't access it afterwards. If you want multiple partitions on
the raid array, partition all disks individually first (and all the
same), then declare multiple raid partitions. Example:

raiddev /dev/md0
        raid-level              5
        nr-raid-disks           3
        nr-spare-disks          0
        persistent-superblock   1
        parity-algorithm        left-symmetric
        chunk-size              128
        device          /dev/hde1
        raid-disk       0
        device          /dev/hdg1
        raid-disk       1
        device          /dev/hdh1
        raid-disk       2
raiddev /dev/md1
        raid-level              0
        nr-raid-disks           2
        nr-spare-disks          0
        persistent-superblock   1
        chunk-size              4
        device          /dev/hde2
        raid-disk       0
        device          /dev/hdg2
        raid-disk       1

Yast does this for you alternativley use a text editor). The RAID howto
is good here.

Also note that the HPT1370 chip, and the DSE card, do not support RAID
5. The card supports raid 0 with 2 or 4 disks, raid 1 with 2 or 4
disks, or raid0+1 with 4 disks only. If you want raid 5 (minimum 3
disks), you need to use the linux kernel module (software raid). In the
latter case you treat the card as a double-bus IDE controller which
conveniently only takes up 1 more interrupt instead of 2. Because you
then ditch all the special raid hardware driver cr*p it's zero trouble.
That's why you want to use software raid also if you're only interested
in 0 or 1.


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