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[wlug] ADSL failover

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Thu Feb 13 13:57:35 NZDT 2003

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Sent: Thursday, 13 February 2003 1:52 p.m.
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Subject: Re: [wlug] ADSL failover


>>A better idea is to find out what your Tempest ADSL pear IP is (the 
>>DSLAM's router IP).  And force a route to that and ping that IP. 
>>Getting this IP is easy if you use PPPoE.  In our case our Telecom
>>IP is displayed with ifconfig:

>Unfortunately, in both Craig and my cases, we don't have PPP
>the connection on a useful server. If we did have the connection 
>terminated by PPP on our router/server/linuxbox whatever, then we could

>simply monitor the ppp link status - as when the link drops, you no 
>longer have a connection. Much easier to do.

It's not PPP he's talking about. All DSL connections have a peer/pear
Traceroute soemthing, and the second hop will be the router IP of the

In my case


 1.                           < my router
 2.          < this is the one you want

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