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Daniel Lawson daniel@m...
Tue Feb 25 10:16:47 NZDT 2003

>Not wanting to detract from Yoper, but I for one would like to see other
>"desktop Linux's" Obviously mandrake is well known, but there are others
>including "pay for em" ones,  Lindows, and Xandros code to mind
>immediately, does:
We managed to not talk about these last night, but you are right in that 
we should investigate them as well. The commercial solutions offer 
features that many new users may want. I see one of the commercial 
desktop distributions will ship Crossover Office with it, which might be 
a clincher in some cases.

Of course its better to use native applications, but that isn't always 

>b: WIll either of the above do the lug a demonstration version if so
>asked.  (if so asked by the Lug, I am happy to contact them and ask for
>a free/cheep copy, - we might even let other lugs borrow it for similar
>presentations.) [ Lindows raises interesting GPL issues too, whick would
>be a discussion in its own right.]
They might do a free demo copy if asked. Feel free to ask them if they 
are prepared to offer this, and what conditions they would place upon 
it. The general consensus has been that providing commercial advertising 
in the form of a sponsorship banner wasn't really worth a single copy of 
a commercial "program" given the nature of the LUG. Read back through 
the LUG archives and look for the netraverse thread - they offer a free 
copy of win4lin in exchange for advertising

>The "linux IS the desktop" promoter. (Games, I don't need no stinkin
I'm playing Railroad Tycoon 2 Deluxe natively under linux. Its damn cool. :)

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