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[wlug] Printer drivers with samba

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Michael Cree cree@p...
Fri Jan 24 12:34:56 NZDT 2003

John R. McPherson writes:

 > That's a good start - obviously the conversion process depends on the
 > fonts in the postscript file.  If the postscript is using hi-res
 > bitmapped fonts, the pdf won't have nice fonts.
 > If you are generating postscript from latex, add "\usepackage{psfonts}"
 > or "\usepackage{times}" to get fonts that ps2pdf can use. Or use pdflatex
 > to directly generate pdfs.

Using those packages is certainly a possible solution, but not very optimal.
Using the times package will lead to a mismatch of Computer Modern and Times
Roman fonts since the Time Roman fonts has many missing characters/symbols,
particularly for mathematics, that TeX needs.  I'm not sure if the psfonts
package does any better - I haven't used it - but there are some packages
that attempt to do a better job of mixing postscript and TeX fonts than the
times package does.

What is a much better option (excluding purchasing commercial fonts) is
noting that any up-to-date TeX system comes with a complete set of freely
available type 1 (scaleable outline) postscript fonts for the Computer
Modern font.  You do not need any \usepackage commands in the LaTeX document
to access these.  If your TeX system doesn't use the Type 1 fonts by
default, then insert the option "-Ppdf" into the argument list of dvips when
you convert the dvi file to postscript.  That is all that is needed (except
for a possible use of the -G0 option in dvips.)

The other option in the quoted material above, namely using pdflatex, is
also a very good solution.  But check that your TeX installation has a
reasonably recent version of pdftex and not the notorious 3.14159-0.13d


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