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Daniel Lawson daniel@m...
Thu Mar 20 09:58:22 NZST 2003

I currently have a Dansguardian / Squid proxy set up.

Its set up in the 'standard' way, with Dansguardian sitting between the 
nextwork and squid.

This is fine, except that it affects the logging of requests. In squids 
logs, all requests come from localhost (where dansguardian is running). 
If I want to follow through to observe where a request actually 
originated from, I have to then find this in the dansguardian log files.

This is ok if its just me doing it every now and then, but the person 
who is in charge of this site would like to have better access to this 
information. I'm currently running sarg 
(, and aside from any other issues 
it may have, due to it parsing the squid log file I can only see bad 
hits as being from localhost, and any hits that are filtered by 
dansguardian I wont see at all.

DG does log everything, but as far as I can tell its not in a form that 
SARG groks.

Does anyone have any other thoughts on how to do this? Suggestions for 
tools other than DansGuardian and SARG are acceptable.

One way I have thought of is to run two instances of squid, sandwhiching 
the DG process. The first runs in proxy-only mode, and performs 
authentication. Its logfiles are the ones SARG reads. It then forwards 
requests to DG which performs content and url filtering, which then 
passes the requests onto the second, caching, squid. This has the 
benefit of giving me full access to squids logs, and showing me any 
accesses that were denied due to DG.

I dont want to just place a caching squid before the DG, because if 
something is cached it may be served out of the squid cache, without 
checking DG for 'permission'.

Any thoughts?

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