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[wlug] How do I set up PPP by hand?

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Glyn Webster glyn@w...
Thu Mar 20 22:32:00 NZST 2003

Gian Perrone swapped me an old laptop for some batteries, and I've installed 
"Monkey Linux" on it.  (Monkey Linux was the only mini-Linux distribution 
that promised to work in 4MB of RAM.)  It goes!  Now I'd like to work out how 
to get it to dial into Wave, my ISP.  I have 'pppd' compiled and ready to go, 
but I am stuck on setting it up.

The KDE dialer KPPP seems to just do the right thing, as does RedHat's RP3 
and the Windows dialler.  If I copy what they do with my PPP settings and 
script it should work.  But how do I find out what they are doing?  I'd like 
to look at what is going in and out of the modem while KPPP is logging in, 
how can I do that?

I can write a CHAT script to get me through the login that I see when I dial 
into Wave by hand, but I suspect that KPPP is avoiding that how login 
business somehow, and the PPP setting I though would be right, from reading 
PPP-HOWTO, do not work when I start a connection that way.

I would be using WvDial, but it's written in C++ (Monkey Linux only came with 
a C compiler), and I haven't worked out how to cross-compile for Monkey 
Linux, (Monkey Linux uses the older libc4 library, and the laptop has a 486SX 
CPU)  though I want to figure out how to do this eventually.

Glyn Webster ~  Simplicity himself. ~ glyn@w...

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