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Matthew Browne (DSL HN) MatthewBr@d...
Tue Sep 9 09:18:14 NZST 2003

> From: Edward Murrell [mailto:edward@m...]
> I was discussing the use of Linux at uni today. One of the 
> main points I
> was asked to defend was essentially; "Why does Linux sucks so much?"
> This persons experience with Linux had pretty much centred round the
> R block, and G basement computers at uni - and I can't say I disagree
> with her. As far as I can make out, those computers are running some
> ancient version of Slackware (I think?) with GNOME 1.4, and KDE2. Most
> of the other WMs seem to be broken.
> Fonts are abysmal, and the default browser is Netscape 4. The
> CDRom/fstab is only correctly setup on some of the machines.

I've talked about this problem with others a number of times.
It's been ages since I was at uni now but when I was there all of 
the machines were well behind in their operating systems. Not just
Linux machines but the Macs and Windows boxes too (well the few
windows boxes I saw anyway). Whenever someone put down another OS
based purely on using uni computers I just used to say to them "If 
you had an <insert their favourite OS here> machine set up the way 
they are at uni would you like to use that?". Nobody ever said yes.

Matt Browne

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