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Glenn Ramsey glenn@c...
Tue Sep 23 13:33:29 NZST 2003

Oliver Jones wrote:
> As an aside, TightVNC is much better than old vanilla vnc.  You can do 
> things like compress the tcp stream using zlib and use jpeg image 
> compression.  Quite nippy over ADSL.

The thing I like about the windows vnc viewer is that it does fullscreen 
and (this is important) allows you to easily swap back to your native 
desktop using a keypress (ctrl-esc).

TightVNC has a fullscreen mode and it works under KDE3.1 but I couldn't 
figure out how to swap back to windowed mode once fullscreen mode was 

Anyway in X since you can run X apps remotely and most modern wm's allow 
multiple desktop then vnc is kind of redundant for X to X.


(1) whoops... the keypress is F8 ... just found out why I missed that, 
it's "man xtightvncviewer" not "man tightvnc" and on my Mandrake 9.1 man 
-k was broken at the time, something to do with the installer thinking I 
was in Korea.

Glenn Ramsey <glenn@c...> 07 8627077

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