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[wlug] Linux Kernel 2.6.0

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Daniel Lawson daniel@m...
Sun Sep 28 23:23:02 NZST 2003

The new linux kernel stable branch, 2.6.0, is nearly here. It is 
currently in the 2.6.0-test stage. I've been running a 2.6.0 test kernel 
on and off for a couple of weeks now, and thought I'd mention it on list 
to encourage those who feel up to it to try it out.

Some new features that I've noticed:
* Crypto API support, for encrypted filesystems and IPSec
* (IPSec)
* /sys filesystem - like the contents of /proc/sys
* Much better ACPI support
* STCP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol)
* Improved networkin
  * IPv6, netfilter for IPv6
  * netfilter for bridges?
* ALSA sound drivers have been merged
* ext2 / ext3 extended attribute and ACL support
* (I think) better firewire / usb2 support
* ATAPI cdwriting - no need for scsi emulation any more

There's a whole lot more too, i'm sure -thats just what I can remember.

It seems stable, although I have odd things happen every now and then 
(like, a segmentation fault when rmmod'ing a module - all subsequent 
module operations (lsmod, rmmod, modprobe) lock up. reboot needed. 
oops).  Certainly, once the test kernels have finished and 2.6.0 is 
declared "stable", this should be a good kernel. 

On my gentoo box, the only thing I needed to upgrade was modutils. Your 
mileage may vary for other distros, so make sure to read the kernel 
changelog and update any packages required! I think some distros (RedHat 
?) have binary kernel targets for 2.6.0 already


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