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Tue Apr 6 14:39:49 NZST 2004

Have a look at KA9Q NOS by Phil Karn.

He did one of the early 1.x kernels for an XT, in fact I think his memory 
management was put into the kernel tree at the time.

Not long after that a fork from the KA9Q NOS was done for a 286 using the 
2.0 kernel tree. Single floppy type job, but a pain to put on HDD.

Since this was all done in the real early days, not much of it has 
survived, except on the old HDD tucked away in the back shed or in old ham 
radio publications of the time.
I belive a few are still running on hill tops in the US, with the original 
hardware acting as gateway nodes.

The NAT was very good, pity no one really saw the benefit of it at the 
time, and it was very tricky to setup with the AX25 bridging.

Later forks, i.e. JNOS and TNOS etc... became part of the Ham radio 
features of the kernel.

At 14:21 6/04/2004, you wrote:

>DrWho? wrote:
>>I had several early kernels from the 1.x range that ran on an XT.
>>I also had an early 2.x kernel that would run on a 286. I was running a 
>>full NAT gateway with SMTP, NNTP and various other mail type services on 
>>such a system back when Linux was still an "educational development" OS.
>Linux kernels?
>The Linux kernel (right back to 0.1) is totally incapable of running on 
>anything less than a 386. Perhaps you're thinking of Minix?
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