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zcat zcat@m...
Wed Apr 14 17:00:41 NZST 2004

>There's a faction of Linux users that like Linux because they hate
>Microsoft.  (Tip: if you use "M$", you're it!)  Most of the aforementioned
>"clever" group, while they might prefer Linux for various reasons (open
>standards, open source, etc), don't hate Windows.  There is a time and a
I use Linux, freebsd, and open software in general because it gives me 
freedom. Freedom to understand, and sometimes 'hack' software as far as 
my limited programming abilities allow. Freedom from the costs and 
licencing issues of propriatory software; I don't have a lot of money, 
what I do have I'd rather spend on hardware, and using pirated software 
makes me feel 'dirty'.   II would be happy to ignore Microsoft, except 
that they are hell-bent on destroying FOSS, and this interferes with my 

ANd I try not to be a zealot; I'm sorry if I come off that way. I would 
like the rest of the world to be aware that Free Software exists, and 
that a lot of it is very good quality, for a number of reasons. I'll 
start with the selfish ones.

I get a lot of spam. I know that most of it is being relayed via 
compromised home computers, and that the spammers were able to do this 
because one company, who's OS still comes pre-installed on almost every 
computer sold, designed that OS and it's co-mingled mail client in a way 
that makes attached programs easy to run and, once run, makes it easy 
for a malicious program to take control of the computer. If there were 
less compromised home computers available to relay spam and DDoS 
anti-spam websites, I would have less of a spam problem.

New hardware is not always well supported under Linux. If Linux occupied 
a more significant fration of the 'desktop' market, Manufacturers would 
be more serious about releasing specs or developing drivers for Linux.

And finally, it just -frustrates- me to see people wasting so much time 
(and in some categories spending money) on virus scanners, firewall 
software, spyware removal, popup-blocking, "random, unexplained software 
failure", yada yada yada, on a computer that they only use for email, 
web, WP. Trivial stuff that I know they could easily learn to do under 
Linux or using some of the more solid FOSS software under Windows.

I don't want to force anyone to use Linux. I just want them to seriously 
consider it and not decide it's "too hard" or "not ready" because 
someone like Didio or Enderle said so.

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