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Daniel Lawson daniel@m...
Thu Apr 15 15:40:17 NZST 2004

>I would think, providing something like Partition Magic is available ( 
>which I have and no doubt others ) to do the job it could be offered as an 
>option for those who are not competent with doing it themselves or 
>installing new hardware.

Partition Magic is commercial software. From a quick look over the 
website, I can't see a trial version handy, nor would I expect a trial 
version to be fully featured. I might be wrong here, of course, as I've 
only spent a few minutes looking into this. [1]

I know PM is a great product, I've used it in the past. However, we 
would almost certainly be violating licensing on the product if we were 
to install it on everyones computer to resize their partitions prior to 
installing Linux.  Same goes for the use of Ghost to back up their 
harddisk.  [2]

We would be doing very badly indeed if we were tapped on the shoulder by 
the BSA for pirating commercial software to aid us is installing Linux 
on people's computers. Oh, the irony.

 If people want to get Partition Magic, then they can buy it themselves. 
Many PC's come with an OEM of Ghost, which they can use themselves if 
they like. End of the day, it's their responsibility, not ours. And a 
small harddisk is probably the cheapest option here.

>I was thinking of making it as easy as possible for the person to give 
>Linux a go...

Granted, however we don't want to break any laws in the process. That 
could end up making it very hard for the person, and for the LUG in general.

[1] & [2]. There are OSS equivalents of these two products, however I'm 
not sure how featurefull they are (ie, if they cover resizing NTFS5 
partitions, etc).

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