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Daniel Lawson daniel@m...
Fri Apr 16 09:48:01 NZST 2004

>>To what?  Are you providing the disk space?
>>Remember this is an afternoon workshop.
>Good question, that is one minor problem with ghost.... perhaps a spare 40G 
>Or setup a ghost server on a PC with some disk space and ghost over a network?

For reasons I've harped on about elsewhere, we're not going to use 
ghost. We could use partimage, as that works pretty  well. I have enough 
diskspace in the server onsite to handle this.  I'm not sure (with my 
site admin hat on - the installfest is slated for crawshaw school atm, 
and I run the network there) that I want to offer that facility however.

I think the main point that is missing is that WLUG does not want to be 
responsible in any way for the integrity of data or installed 
applications. Better options, in my opinion, are:

* Have a portable CD writer we can use to burn backups of their 
important data to CD, if they have no provision to do so themselves.  We 
could use the network as a temporary storage, but it means they can't 
take their data with them when they leave if things aren't finished yet, 
and it means they have to have a network card.
* Talk to recycled tech or someone similar and see if they have a number 
of 10 GB or so harddisks they'd be willing to let us sell on behalf, and 
if people turn up without harddisks we can sell them one. Assuming the 
price is low enough
* Same thing as above, but with harddisks donated to the LUG by all the 
nice friendly IT firms in Hamilton and surrounds who have smallish, 
older harddisks falling out their ears.

We could also look at having network cards available on the day for 
people without them.

While I agree that we want to make this as easy for them as possible, 
when all is said and done it is up to *them* to make sure their data is 
intact. We can do all we can to make sure things go easily for them, but 
if we fuck it up after assuring them that we'll keep it intact, then 
we'll look bad.  If someone has a harddisk full of critical documents 
and they aren't backed up, it's their fault.   I'm very willing to 
educate people on this, but I'm not willing to let WLUG field any crap 
because we misplaced 7 years worth  of financial document history or 

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