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Oliver Jones oliver@d...
Fri Apr 16 12:33:30 NZST 2004

> > something stupid like that, (or other things such as the apache config
> > file is called 'httpd.conf' instead of the obvious 'apache.conf') so the
> > blade cuts both ways...
> Yes, but at least it's in /etc/apache (usually! ;).

Err.  Maybe on Debian.  On RedHat/Fedora it is /etc/httpd and the name
for the conf file matches the exe.  httpd.conf for httpd.  Also, Apache
is an organisation name not a program.  The HTTP daemon in question is
officially part of Apache HTTPD project or just httpd.  Just as the Java
Servlet container is Apache Jakarta Tomcat Project or just Tomcat and
the Java build tool is the Apache Ant Project or just Ant.  

> Note:  I can hear Dan cringing - Please don't take this as me advising
> everyone that the LUG sucks.  It's just not the right choice for me
> anymore.

I tend to agree (in a way) with Greig here.  But then I've never been a
member of the WLUG.  ;)   And I don't think the WLUG is a bad idea
generally.  For people who *want* to learn about Linux it is a great
forum.  The key difference is the willingness to learn.  I think trying
to up-skill people who don't care and don't want to learn is pointless.

And computers are too complex and general purpose to begin with, and
Linux distros doubly so.  This is fine for most of the members of this
list and the WLUG.  But most people don't need a computer workstation. 
They need toasters.  They need microwave ovens.  They do not need a
needlessly over complex pile of shit that is a PC.

This is why the PlayStation 2 is a 80 million unit success story and PC
gaming is struggling to break out of the FPS/RTS genre hell it is
currently in.

With the PlayStation 2 you plug it in, turn it on, put the disc in and
it works.

With a PC you have to have:

- a working stable OS
- a $3,000 machine with enough grunt to run the game in question, 
- the correct video drivers & version of DirectX
- enough HDD space to installthe 4GB of game data
- patch the game to the latest version
- enough knowledge to find resources online if your game crashes

Fuck that.  Give me a console any day.  And the same applies to pretty
much every other piece of computer software.

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Deeper Design Limited » +64 (7) 377 3328 »

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