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Gavin Denby redhat@i...
Sat Apr 17 09:59:08 NZST 2004

Of course the other side of the coin, waiver or not, is that by 
separating the resizing from the linux install, in whatever way, and 
irrespective of the tools used. if data is lost, its not linux that did 
it, but rather the resizing of the windows partition that was the issue.

The resize get done, with best care but no Guarantees and with the 
risky bit taken care of ... they move on to the installfest and Linux.

In the minds eye the 2 issues are separated and linux is not the risky 

Maybe the layout of the tables could accommodate this for those whose 
machines are not ready/don't meet the prerequisites  for the 

On Saturday, April 17, 2004, at 07:56  AM, zcat wrote:

>> That's why you get them to sign a waiver.  Why would you want to 
>> guarantee
>> somebodys data?  That's asking for trouble.  An installfest should be 
>> all
>> care and no responsibility.  Check out this waiver:
> Legal responsibility is all well and good, but it doesn't alleviate 
> the problem of 'I tried Linux once, and it trashed all my files'; this 
> is NOT a view of Linux we want to promote.
> It might be an idea to dump the any essential user's files (Memoirs, 
> Half-finished novel, last 7 years tax reports, etc.. not their 17G 
> pr0n collection) onto a samba share before trying a repartition. In 
> the quite unlikely event that disaster strikes, I would be prepared to 
> offer a free reinstall and recovery of Windows after the LUG if 
> anything went wrong. Presumably they still have the CD's that the 
> software came on, and if not I'd be suggesting Free alternatives :)
> BTW; for backing up Windows files I personally boot KNOPPIX, mount the 
> filesystem(s) read-only and cp -a or tar onto a network share. I have 
> no idea how well (badly) this preserves Windows concept of file 
> permissions. I don't normally aim for a 'bootable' image because I'm 
> usually backing up for a reinstall anyhow.
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