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[wlug] iptables question

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DrWho? x_files_@i...
Tue Apr 27 10:07:09 NZST 2004

>DrWho? wrote:
>>My idea was to use a callback too hook port 80 and use a perl script to 
>>reverse lookup the ip address and look for .nz at the end and pass fail 
>>there after.

Yes using pearl does not seem a good idea, so I will have to code an 
extension for iptables.
And after all, is not "have a go" the key part of the Linux experience?

>If you wanted it hidden you'd have do blackhole the port by default, sniff 
>for attempted connections, look up the address, change firewalling on the 
>fly.. and you're opening yourself up for a huge self-DoS if someone spoofs 
>millions of random SYN packets at you.

That seems to be the conclusion I have come to as well. The SYN attack risk 
could be reduced by making use of the counters and limiting the number of 
connection attempts to say 2 and then dropping them there after.

>I believe there's a list of IP ranges that are allocated within New 
>Zealand. configure your box to accept those and blackhole everything else. 
>End of problem.

It just seems to be allot of effort for such a fundamental operation.. as I 
say windows users can do just what I wont to do with very little hassle!! 
dam frustrating!!

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