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[wlug] Programming Courses ?

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James Spooner james@s...
Wed Apr 28 23:56:55 NZST 2004

Gavin Denby wrote:

> I basically need to program PC's to set up/ colect data/ process data
> and probably via a graphical interface.
> so my question ... in 2 parts:
> 1. Is C still a viable language to learn to write programs for PC/MAC
> Ideally in Win MacOSX (cocoa looks nice) and Linux or should I be
> looking at C# / Mono / QT / ??

If you are looking to make the transition from ASM to higher level 
languages, I highly recommend C as a stepping stone.  "The C Programming
Language - Second Edition (ANSI C)" by Kernighan and Richie is the one 
true C "bible".  Being an ASM programmer you will pick C up quickly once
you're used to the syntax and adjust to the debugging methods.

> It seems that all later programming languages seem to be adding to C
> (extend .. embrace ??) so Would C be a good start place ?
> All opinions welcome.... and crystal ball gazing will be entertained.

C++ is a massive language, but as Orion pointed out, once you learn C++ 
you will have dealt with >90% of the concepts that exist both in 
procedural and object orientated languages.  

For doing data capture, I would recommend C or C++ for the backend and
C++ or C# (mono appears to work really well) for a front-end; obviously
if you're going to write a monolithic application, then C++ is your best

> 2. Does anyone have experience with a good course / course provider
> that they would recommend to provide such training.

I would probably recommend COMP209 at the uni if it was still a C++
based course, but I believe it's Java based now.


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