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James Spooner james@s...
Thu Apr 29 00:10:47 NZST 2004

Craig Box wrote:
>> But, as you say, you aim is to program microcontrollers effectively
>> and efficiently.  There is only one language (other than various
>> assembly languages) you need to learn, and that is C.  So ignore the
>> computer scientists, who do not know what they are talking about -
>> they have never programmed microcontrollers - and learn C.
C'mon Michael, thats a bit below the belt :)

> On a tangent, is it wrong to think that one day microcontrollers will
> be programmed in higher level languages?

The problem with this concept is that higher level languages tend to make
trade-offs sacrificing memory footprint, flexability and instruction count
with code abstraction (which leads to faster development, portability etc.)
and maintainability.

Given that microcontrollers tend to be used in real-time environments,
it's essential that the code be small, fast and predictable - not things
that describe a Java executable.

If an application is large or complex enough to warrant a higher-level
language than C, you're probably going to use a decent micro on there,
like a 200MHz ARM or so which will be plenty fast enough.



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