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Gavin Denby redhat@i...
Mon Nov 15 23:15:01 NZDT 2004

I think I should clarify,  as I think my comments may have been 

 I am pleased to see Greig try to raise the profile of open source with 
political parties.  Rodney and Nandor (sorry if i spell either wrong) 
have both made comments regarding open source, and therefore are logical 
contacts. I am not keen to see the LUG as such become political. However 
when you consider the millions of dollars spent on software by 
Government departments, and the possible effects of Spam legislation, 
Software patents and the like, there are real issues to discuss with 
those who influence policy issues. This is not being political, but 
rather raising issues that will affect us all in the years ahead.

Also Greig very wisely suggested making Open Source an election issue. 
During campaigns every political party will want to promote its ideas on 
IT, open source, software patents, using Open V Proprietary formats, 
Probe, UBS V  Unbundling, On-Line services ... and so on. By hosting a 
panel of representatives of Political parties, each explaining their 
views on IT issues, We get the chance to make the issue one they have to 
think about. Also as we can put the questions to the panel, we get to 
control some of the debate and show that the lug can be professional. 
These sorts of things well done can influence how issues are dealt with 
by a Government.

Lindsay Druett wrote:

> That's a good point actually...
> Obviously it sounds like Gavin is keen to have this, but if you're 
> really keen, firstly, Di Yates is actually a family friend of ours, 
> and I'm quite happy to ask her if she can come to speak to us.  

One what subject?  If she were the minister of IT or Communications or 
something, then yes it would be relevant. Dianne is a local MP not an 
expert in IT issues. We are still a lug, and there needs to be a linux 
relevant issue before we really want to get involved.

> Also, a friend of mine, Colin Ranby is standing in the Piako district 
> for the Destiny party (I know, I know, ....), he has up until a couple 
> of months ago worked for TelstraClear, and has been involved with 
> Technology for a number of years and is actually very down to earth 
> and is a really good guy, I'm also quite happy to ask him if he would 
> do a presentation

again on what? Colin is a really nice guy, we have even worked together 
both in Communications and in Politics, but again he is not a 
spokesperson for the party on IT policy, and as far as I recall was not 
using linux when we last spoke.

I think Greig has managed to walk a fine line here, and I think he has 
handled it well. This is not promoting any political party, but 
hopefully allows us to cover some of the dangers of poorly considered 
legislation with a number of people.  If it goes well, perhaps in the 
future a door may be open to do a wider appeal meeting that can raise 
the image of the LUG as well as promote sensible debate on the issues 
that as IT professionals most of us have to deal with.

The Lug should not be politicized but should be active in promoting 
discussion and debate about issues in the IT and Open Source industries. 
And I think this is a good start.  For that reason I applauded Greigs 
efforts. Anything that make policy makers consider open source is a good 

Other than that I have no axe to grind one way or the other.   And I 
want to keep it that way.

I have stated this just to keep the comment focused, and to clarify my 
earlier post.  and by way of disclaimer I have been an Act candidate in 
the past , as well as CHP spokesman on Telecommunications and IT but my 
concern here is not political but rather the LUG and issues relating to 
open source users. I leave it to you to support your own political party. 

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