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[wlug] Real world requirements

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Greig McGill greig@h...
Mon Apr 4 10:35:25 NZST 2005

James Clark wrote:

>Such as?  I'm actually interested by this.  

Sure.  Here's a list:

1.  Outlook+Exchange.  I run Thunderbird to read my home email over an 
ssh vpn (thanks putty).
2.  VPN access to client sites for remote maintenance.  This could be 
avoided by using a more open VPN platform, but we integrate with certain 
vendor proprietary security products which simply do not work in Linux, 
*BSD, or any other open platform.  Ubuntu now does pptp VPN connections 
out of the box, but that only solves a small amount of this particular 
3.  Occasional need to install random windows only products for evaluation.
4.  Requirement to edit proprietary data formats in a seamless manner.  
No, close enough is NOT good enough.
5.  Most importantly, ability to have a windows environment to hand for 
support reasons.

I can, and have, run Linux only here at work.  My laptop dual boots, and 
there are semi-workable solutions to most of the above problems.  It's 
just too much work to do this on a daily basis though.  Maybe when it 
becomes easier, I can re-visit this.  I am paid to do my job though, not 
to muck about with computers and software.  Perhaps it will become 
easier in time.  If I didn't believe this to be the case, I'd hardly be 
involved in the WLUG, let alone be it's president, would I? ;)

>The last three years of my working career I've used primarily Linux.  For
>a while (at my previous job) I had to KVM to a windows box periodically
>to use OutLook and some legacy customer management software.  Now it's
>only Linux.

Horses for courses, James.  We all have different work requirements.
I've actually started to quite like Windows XP.  I've even been running 
it by choice at home occasionally.  It's not as bad as people make it 
out to be, though I am no friend of Microsoft, their business practices, 
or their showstopping, jaw dropping, chip popping bugs.  I'd like them 
to go away.  It's not going to happen in the near future, and I need to 
do my job in the meantime.


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