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[wlug] Mailing list etiquette (was Re: Sudo)

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Perry Lorier perry@c...
Tue Apr 5 13:55:05 NZST 2005

 > I just don't understand why any
> mail client in use today would not support HTML; or why people would 
> turn it off? Surely, unless you're using OE, security isn't a problem. 
> People seem to manage browsing the web without issues, and that's a far 
> less controlled and predictable environment than email.

I get sick of people sending me email with colours that make my eyes 
bleed.  I hate people who send me email in random fonts that they've 
found on the internet that make me guess what they are trying to say.  I 
have grown a healthy feeling of rage at people who think that I really 
wanted to download that 600mb image of themselves for their sig.

I like my mail to be nice and consistant.  I have eyesight issues, so I 
pump the fontsize up on my mail, and late at night when I'm tired I just 
can't be bothered squinting at the screen to make out what someones 
written who decided that I really needed to see it in their favourite 
3pt font size.  IT may be easy for /them/ to read but I can't.  I force 
my mailer to display as text/plain always.  Thus I get a consistant, 
easy to read mail that I can see, people trying to convince me to read 
mail their way just end up in the bitbucket.

As an aside, spam often doesn't have sane text/plain parts, so I skip on 
all the weird porn spam too.

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