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[wlug] Mailing list etiquette (was Re: Sudo)

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Mark Grimshaw mark@s...
Tue Apr 5 13:57:17 NZST 2005

On 5 Apr 2005 at 13:52, Orion Edwards wrote:

> <everyone posted loads of crap>
> Basically my issue with HTML email is not a technical one but a social
> one. The intent of a webpage (in my opinion, feel free to not agree)
> is to convey rich media, filled with images and tables and formatting
> and that kind of crap. A web page is trying to show off.
To some web designers perhaps.

> An email however, is a message from one person to another. There's no
> reason that you can't write plain text emails and not convey
> everything you want. Perhaps you want a diagram but that's what
> attachments are for. My personal view of email analagous to ICQ/MSN
> messenger/etc. Do you think people should be allowed to send HTML
> messages via MSN? I'd hope not. If so then why emails?

I would argue that a web page (in fact anything containing semantic 
symbols) is a message from one person to another.  Some people may 
use that to show off at the expense of direct communication; others 
may prefer their web designs to communicate rather than 
visually/aurally amaze.

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