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[wlug] Official announcement of 2005 Installfest

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Denise Bates dbates@i...
Fri Apr 8 08:29:56 NZST 2005

Craig Box wrote:

> Wow, it only took 20 mins for KDE to be mentioned.
> If people request Kubuntu on the installation form we will try and support
> it.  It is probably easier to use it as our "KDE distro" than Mandrake etc
> due to shared packages.  However, unless people specifically ask, due to the
> overwhelming experience and support with GNOME that most of the "senior"
> WLUG members have, plain Ubuntu it will be.  It's great.  You should try it.

I was sent a heap of Ubuntu CDs, which I started to give away and I 
installed the distro on one of my machines. It was unacceptable to me: 
hard to configure, no KDE, and WVdial is hopeless.I only had one 
response from the CDs that I gave away. My friend thought that Gnome was 
hideous, and she too,found WVdial useless. When I called, she was about 
to re-install Windoze, but fortunately, I had a mini-CD with SLAX on it 
in my purse. I gave it a spin, and she loved it! I called back next day 
and installed Slackware 10.1 and that impressed her even more. There 
have been no problems since the install!

I would like to help at the installfest, but I would be reluctant to 
foist Ubuntu on anyone. I would be happy to install a range of distros, 
if requested: Slackware (preferably), or Yoper or Mandrake, but I 
couldn't force a distro on a newbie which I do not feel comfortable 
with. I would also be prepared to install a mini-distro on any machines 
with low specifications. How/when would I find out whether my services 
might be required?

I am not surprised that Slackware has recently dropped Gnome entirely 
its current version. I can't see how Gnome would be an attractive 
enticement for many Windoze users. It doesn't look or work like Windoze 
- KDE comes much closer. If we _had_ to convince a newcomer to change 
desktop appearance and function from what they were used to in Windoze, 
there are far better desktops than Gnome (XFCE, IceWM, etc).

I still have a heap of Ubuntu CDs. I might as well drop them off at next 
meeting or at the installfest. I couldn't recommend this distro, and I 
wouldn't want to have to sort out any muck-ups resulting from me passing 
on the CDs to friends.

Dr Denise J. Bates,
School of Geography & Environmental Science
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019, Auckland New Zealand
E-mail: d.bates@a...
Telephone 09-3737599 ext 86592

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