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[wlug] Official announcement of 2005 Installfest

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Alastair Porter alastair@l...
Thu Apr 7 23:39:40 NZST 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 20:29 +0000, Denise Bates wrote:
> Craig Box wrote:
> > Wow, it only took 20 mins for KDE to be mentioned.
> > 
> > If people request Kubuntu on the installation form we will try and support
> > it.  It is probably easier to use it as our "KDE distro" than Mandrake etc
> > due to shared packages.  However, unless people specifically ask, due to the
> > overwhelming experience and support with GNOME that most of the "senior"
> > WLUG members have, plain Ubuntu it will be.  It's great.  You should try it.
> I was sent a heap of Ubuntu CDs, which I started to give away and I 
> installed the distro on one of my machines. It was unacceptable to me: 
> hard to configure,
I certianly haven't had this problem with hoary. I only had to touch the
command line twice when setting my system up. once to get the ati
drivers working, and again to enable dma on my dvd writer. apart from
that, *everything* worked out of the box.

>  no KDE, 
I guess this is personal preference, but as has already been mentioned,
Kubuntu for people that ask for it will probably be provided

> and WVdial is hopeless.
I have heard stories about dialup in warty being very hard to configure,
in most cases it was easier to manually set up ppp from a terminal.
However, one would hope that that it has received some attention in
hoary and is just as easy to use as the rest of the system

> I would like to help at the installfest, but I would be reluctant to 
> foist Ubuntu on anyone.
I guess it's a shame you had a bad experience with Ubuntu. it really is
a great distro. maybe you could give Hoary another chance...
>  I would be happy to install a range of distros, 
> if requested: Slackware (preferably), or Yoper or Mandrake, but I 
> couldn't force a distro on a newbie which I do not feel comfortable 
> with.
Well, i guess we're forcing it on newbies because, as Craig pointed out,
the majority of the 'senior' users in the group *are* used to it, and
debian, so we will be able to help everyone more effectively
>  I would also be prepared to install a mini-distro on any machines 
> with low specifications. How/when would I find out whether my services 
> might be required?
> I am not surprised that Slackware has recently dropped Gnome entirely 
> its current version. I can't see how Gnome would be an attractive 
> enticement for many Windoze users. It doesn't look or work like Windoze 
> - KDE comes much closer.
That's interesting. I thought the reason Slackware dropped gnome was
that Pat is only one person, and dropline was doing a good enough job
packaging gnome that it was stupid for two sets of people to do it.
I assume you mean Windows users, but why does it have to be the same? As
Bnonn pointed out, sometimes different is better.


>  If we _had_ to convince a newcomer to change 
> desktop appearance and function from what they were used to in Windoze, 
> there are far better desktops than Gnome (XFCE, IceWM, etc).
> I still have a heap of Ubuntu CDs. I might as well drop them off at next 
> meeting or at the installfest. I couldn't recommend this distro, and I 
> wouldn't want to have to sort out any muck-ups resulting from me passing 
> on the CDs to friends.
> Regards,
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