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[wlug] Official announcement of 2005 Installfest

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Lindsay Druett lindsayd@w...
Fri Apr 8 09:18:22 NZST 2005

I've installed Ubuntu on a few different machines and had no problems at 
all with installing Ubuntu, and it's really easy to update.

Personally, I like KDE, but not really fussed which desktop environment 
I use, Ubuntu will soon be support Gnome.  But hey, it's Debian 
underneath and there is no reason why you can't install Gnome right now 
(providing you're using the install CD).

Another thing...
Grieg has mentioned this heaps of times...  Please cut the crap, this 
"Windoze" business (or whatever other nickname used) is totally 
unprofessional and doesn't do WLUG any favours when used on the list 
IMO.  You heard the man, Obey the Fist !

> I was sent a heap of Ubuntu CDs, which I started to give away and I 
> installed the distro on one of my machines. It was unacceptable to me: 
> hard to configure, no KDE, and WVdial is hopeless.I only had one 
> response from the CDs that I gave away. My friend thought that Gnome 
> was hideous, and she too,found WVdial useless. When I called, she was 
> about to re-install Windoze, but fortunately, I had a mini-CD with 
> SLAX on it in my purse. I gave it a spin, and she loved it! I called 
> back next day and installed Slackware 10.1 and that impressed her even 
> more. There have been no problems since the install!
> I would like to help at the installfest, but I would be reluctant to 
> foist Ubuntu on anyone. I would be happy to install a range of 
> distros, if requested: Slackware (preferably), or Yoper or Mandrake, 
> but I couldn't force a distro on a newbie which I do not feel 
> comfortable with. I would also be prepared to install a mini-distro on 
> any machines with low specifications. How/when would I find out 
> whether my services might be required?
> I am not surprised that Slackware has recently dropped Gnome entirely 
> its current version. I can't see how Gnome would be an attractive 
> enticement for many Windoze users. It doesn't look or work like 
> Windoze - KDE comes much closer. If we _had_ to convince a newcomer to 
> change desktop appearance and function from what they were used to in 
> Windoze, there are far better desktops than Gnome (XFCE, IceWM, etc).
> I still have a heap of Ubuntu CDs. I might as well drop them off at 
> next meeting or at the installfest. I couldn't recommend this distro, 
> and I wouldn't want to have to sort out any muck-ups resulting from me 
> passing on the CDs to friends.

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