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Bnonn bnonn@o...
Fri Apr 8 09:38:44 NZST 2005

I'd like to ask, because the wiki entry doesn't mention it: what sort of 
level of expertise is expected/required of those who are helping? I 
don't consider myself a "power user" in Linux in the way that I think 
many of you are: I can't write my own code, and my ability to fix 
problems is limited, often, by how well I can use google. However, I 
have been using Ubuntu for quite a while, and Linux in general for some 
time before that, and feel relatively comfortable with it. I would be 
very happy to help out IF my level of expertise is considered high 
enough; I'm just not sure it will be :)

I'll be bringing along a friend who is interested in switching to Linux, 
and I'm happy to mentor him, but I'm not sure how the general structure 
of these events works so that may be a superfluous offer.

Can someone fill me in?

Craig Box wrote:
>>> no KDE,
>>I guess this is personal preference, but as has already been
>>mentioned, Kubuntu for people that ask for it will probably be
> Please note people will need to ask for it -beforehand-.
> Canonical have just contacted me and will be express shipping me Hoary CDs.
> They don't appear to do Kubuntu, so we will have to prepare those ourselves.
> We have no objection to people turning up and being the
> Slackware/Mandrake/whatever gurus.  I'm just saying that most of us aren't
> in that position, so we have picked a default that suits us.  If there is a
> need identified for lots of Slackware help, we'll definitely be asking for
> people to come and help in that specific role.
>>>and WVdial is hopeless.
>>I have heard stories about dialup in warty being very hard to
>>configure, in most cases it was easier to manually set up ppp from a
>>terminal. However, one would hope that that it has received some
>>attention in hoary and is just as easy to use as the rest of the
> Check out - I
> hope this meets all of Denise's requirements of easy to use.
> Craig
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