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A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis@g...
Sun Apr 24 02:44:47 NZST 2005

* Oliver Jones <oliver@d...> [2005-04-23 05:15]:
> Sometimes over-engineered frameworks can be very helpful in
> providing a consistent and well tested set of foundations upon
> which to build.

I disagree completely. I probably agree with the intent of what
you’re saying, but I can’t let this statement stand as is.

Architecture astronautics lead to a lot of entropy for not much
gain. Frameworks are helpful when they try to address a problem,
not when they try to make you build your application around them.

> It is better to start with solid foundations than to try and
> stuff in more solid foundations as an after thought when your
> programs requirements expand.

Yes; that is why a framework should try to address its problem
space very thoroughly.

Another example of this is the Template Toolkit, a suite of Perl
modules for, well, templating. It does *everything* and then some
that you’d expect to ever want from a templating system, but you
have to do almost nothing to start using it. You can use as much
or as little of it as you want.

> If the framework is good it shouldn't require you to do a lot
> of work to start using it.  Log4* is like that.  It is
> relatively simple to get up and running with it.

Yep. Good frameworks stick to their purpose and come with sane
defaults and a good swath of convenience interfaces. That's what
Log4perl (and probably Log4* in general, which I have no
experience with) is like.

What I was saying is that when I see “flexible application
framework”, that *usually* means there’s some architecture
astronaut[1] at work.


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