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s swami sns@p...
Sun Apr 24 15:34:49 NZST 2005

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005 02:44, A. Pagaltzis wrote:
> I disagree completely. I probably agree with the intent of what
> you’re saying, but I can’t let this statement stand as is.
> Architecture astronautics lead to a lot of entropy for not much
> gain. Frameworks are helpful when they try to address a problem,
> not when they try to make you build your application around them.
> ...

Well said.

> ... What I was saying is that when I see “flexible application
> framework”, that *usually* means there’s some architecture
> astronaut[1] at work.
> [1]:

And now for a completely off-topic note, Joel in the article shares 
my healthy disregard for many online journalists[1]:
  "... with the imbecile business journalists dripping with glee as     
they copy each other's stories: "Peer To Peer: Dead!"

I've said this once; though not nearly as well.

I still often read:
 " ... open source software, written by programmers in their spare  
time and made freely available blah ..."

Counterexample: OpenOffice.Org
  "Sun is still the largest contributor to the project with
some 50 developers in Germany, followed by Novell with about 10 
contributors, and only four active community developers."[2]
                        |___ even took me by surprise.

[1] Not worth a new thread sorry.


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