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Graham yorick@x...
Mon Apr 25 11:48:56 NZST 2005

s swami wrote:

>And now for a completely off-topic note, Joel in the article shares 
>my healthy disregard for many online journalists[1]:
>  <quote>
>  "... with the imbecile business journalists dripping with glee as     
>they copy each other's stories: "Peer To Peer: Dead!"
>  </quote>
>I've said this once; though not nearly as well.
>I still often read:
> " ... open source software, written by programmers in their spare  
>time and made freely available blah ..."
>Counterexample: OpenOffice.Org
>  "Sun is still the largest contributor to the project with
>some 50 developers in Germany, followed by Novell with about 10 
>contributors, and only four active community developers."[2]
>                        |
>                        |___ even took me by surprise.
>[1] Not worth a new thread sorry.
Then given your, quote: "Healthy disregard for many online journalists"  
It would be a good idea to disregard the prattlings and misquotations of 
the Aussie press.
Methinks they were simply overwhelmed to be able to corner Simon at the 
OOo Miniconf that was part of LCA 05.

This is a quote of a mail on the OOo Marketing list from OOo Community 
Manager, Louis Suarez-Potts responding to his being misquoted:

"The nunber of those granted commit access can be approximated  by going
here and counting:


Not all who have signed the forms are developers and not all have commit
access, but they do line up.  We also list companies; you'll notice
quite a few.  In fact, if the media want information as to which
companies are working with OOo, they can always go to this page.

What are these persons and companies doing?  Many are doing coding, many
localization, many porting; and many web stuff, which also requires
commit access.  You'll probably recognize a some of the names there.

I think the last time I counted the number was about 500, and that was 6
months ago."  

Of course not all are coders,  there are marketing people, Documentation 
writers, Web designers, QA people, testers  etc, but also that list 
doesn't count the number of community people working on it without 
commit access or those working on Ximian OpenOffice.

Having said all that, the article is right in part, Sun is still the 
biggest contributor by far, IBM have used the code to create Workplace 
and we haven't seen zip from them and the project still needs coders, if 
only to keep up with the RFEs that keep coming in from users.

However even without the enhancements, OOo 2.0 will still be making MS 
look to it's laurels.


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