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James Clark jamesc@b...
Mon Apr 25 17:19:43 NZST 2005

On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 02:55:18PM +1200, Oliver Jones wrote:
> RedHat has historically gone with the thinking, more packages == more
> work, more debugging, and slower releases.  Therefore lets create less
> packages and do it faster.  Just look a the glacial pace of development
> in the Debian world for proof.

You mean the glacial pace of the release of stable.  I do agree that the
next stable release is long over due, every 12-18 months would be great.
Hopefully the newly appointed DPL makes a difference.

Testing is fairly up to date, and works well.  (Yes, I understand the
security risks.)

> I personally am perfectly happy to install a bunch of extra packages,
> when necessary, to get things to work.  Especially now when we have
> groovy tools like apt and yum to solve and download all the dependencies
> for us.

I'm not, the distro's core package management should take care of this.
Debian and Gentoo both do (though I'm not a fan of waiting for things
to compile).

> So stop bitching and actually give Fedora/RedHat (or any other RedHat
> derived distro) a try.

Bitching?  I'll get round to it in time, I just don't have the need to
yet as I'm very happy with my distro of choice ;)  I'll probably give
ArchLinux a go when I next feel inclined to tinker.


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