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Debian's pace & dependency resolution (was Re: [wlug] default distro)

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Michael Honeyfield mike.honeyfield@x...
Mon Apr 25 18:07:59 NZST 2005

Craig Box wrote:

>Debian's core package manager is dpkg.  It does not do any more
>dependency resolution than rpm does.
>Since RH7-ish, Red Hat has had 'up2date', a wrapper around rpm in a
>similar vein to apt-get being a wrapper around dpkg.  yum came from
>Yellow Dog Linux, a PPC fork of Red Hat, and when it became better/more
>popular and RH made RHN a paying customers only thing, yum was imported
>into Fedora and up2date does its updates off yum servers.

YellowDog isn't a fork. A fork would imply a move away from the original 
code base on which is was based, this is not the case. YD is a PCC 
respin and sold/support commerically. YD releases are often shortly 
after Fedora's.

YD used yup (YellowDog Update Program) and Yum (YellowDog Updater, 
Modified)  was initailly developed by Seth of Duke University. Up2date 
and Yum share a lot of the same code as they have both borrowed from 
each other.

I wouldn't call yum a wrapper as it works with rpm through rpm's python 

Also, rpm 4.x does some dependency resolution without the help of tools 
like smart, apt, yum, urpmi or up2date. If you rpm -Uvh *.rpm is a 
directory with a bunch of rpms, it will install them in order of 
required dependecy, this was not in rpm 3.x and old. Not to mention the 
transaction support that rpm now uses to support rollbacks.


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