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zcat zcat@m...
Mon Apr 25 18:15:40 NZST 2005

Craig Box wrote:

>>:)  Never thought otherwise.   And I shall be at the installfest passing 
>>out CDs of OOo stable and bleeding edge
>Yet you appear not to have registered your attendance? :)
>Just so you know, Ubuntu Hoary installs OO.o 1.1.3 by default, and in
>universe you will also find the current 2.0 beta, 1.9.79.
>We'll also be preparing and giving away Windows OSS CDs in the form of
>zcat's Kia Ora CD - Bruce is currently working on 0.0.5 for the
>installfest, but the list of programs on 0.0.4 is at
> and based on that I expect
>it contains OO.o/Win32 1.1.4.
It certainly does :) 1.1.4
AbiWord 2.2.5
firefox 1.0.3
thunderbird 1.0
filezilla 2.2.12c
emule 0.45b
winhttrack 3.33
gaim 1.2.0
GTK+ 2 for Windows 2.6.4
The GIMP2 for Windows 2.2.4
inkscape 0.41-1
audacity 1.2.3
cdEX 1.51
SciTE 1.62
pdfcreator 0.8.0
7zip 3.13
clamwin 0.83
Spoon Installer r10
tuxpaint 0.9.14
tuxpaint stamps
tuxracer 0.61
frozen bubble 1.0.0
celestia 1.3.2
Really Slick Screensavers 0.1
tightvnc 1.2.9
winscp 3.7.4

Available for download now at
Official release date 3/5/05, but it's unlikely I'll change anything 
else before then unless there's a serious exploit in Firefox or emule or 

Disclaimer: Any disclaimer attached to this message may be ignored. 

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