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Debian's pace & dependency resolution (was Re: [wlug] default distro)

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Oliver Jones oliver@d...
Mon Apr 25 22:51:37 NZST 2005

> YellowDog isn't a fork. A fork would imply a move away from the original 
> code base on which is was based, this is not the case. YD is a PCC 
> respin and sold/support commerically. YD releases are often shortly 
> after Fedora's.

True not a full fork.  But they still modify the distro for PPC
platforms with different kernel features and some Apple/PPC specific
helper packages.

> YD used yup (YellowDog Update Program) and Yum (YellowDog Updater, 
> Modified)  was initailly developed by Seth of Duke University. Up2date 
> and Yum share a lot of the same code as they have both borrowed from 
> each other.


> I wouldn't call yum a wrapper as it works with rpm through rpm's python 
> API.

True.  But then rpm is a C interface to the RPM libs.  Rpm can also
download files over HTTP too...  Try rpm -Uvh http://site/package.rpm

> Also, rpm 4.x does some dependency resolution without the help of tools 
> like smart, apt, yum, urpmi or up2date. If you rpm -Uvh *.rpm is a 
> directory with a bunch of rpms, it will install them in order of 

Indeed.  You can even graph the dependencies with rpmgraph and graphviz.

> required dependecy, this was not in rpm 3.x and old. Not to mention the 
> transaction support that rpm now uses to support rollbacks.

Indeed the repackage/rollback support in RPM 4 is very cool.  For those
who are not familiar with it here is a brief synopsis.

When you specify the --repackage option to rpm during an upgrade it will
repackage the installed files in an RPM (including modified configs) and
put the rpm in /var/spool/repackage (all configurable via .rpmmacros).
It also records a history of all package maintenance by date.  So you
can then go "rpm -Uvh --rollback '2 hours ago'" and rollback packaging

See for a good howto article.

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