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Perry Lorier perry@c...
Tue Apr 26 13:00:28 NZST 2005

Bnonn wrote:
> James Clark wrote:
>> Might have some info.
>  From the article:
> "The /etc directory contains files and programs that are used for system 
> configuration. Its name comes from the common abbreviation etc., for et 
> cetera, meaning "and so on." This seems to come from the fact that on 
> many systems, /etc contains files that don't seem to fit elsewhere."
> Seems a bit of a weird justification to me; all the files in /etc seem 
> to fit there in my opinion, and it would probably be more logically 
> called /config, but then I imagine it's been around for longer than I 
> have, and its purpose may well have evolved?

Before linux came along, /etc was just a dumping ground for random crud. 
   init and getty and related services lived in /etc, there was no /boot 
directory so a lot of the crud in /boot ended up in /etc.  So when the 
Linux FileSystem Standard (now Linux Standard Base) was first written, 
they mandated /boot, /root, /sbin etc to get the crap out of /etc so 
that /etc would just have configuration files in it.


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