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s swami sns@p...
Wed Apr 27 20:07:32 NZST 2005

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005 17:45, A. Pagaltzis wrote:
> * s swami <sns@p...> [2005-04-27 06:10]:
> > The last time an Olivarian thread surfaced it took Aristotle a
> > Debian release cycle to recover. IIRC, 'The Craig' pointed out,
> > in jest, that the lug didn't claim logical consistency in its
> > conversations - or something like that. Now he will need to
> > give temporal consistency the boot as well.
> >
> > Loving it ;-)
> Okay, I read this six times, and it still doesn’t make any sense.
> Confutalations, Sid. :-)

On a second reading, I hardly understand it myself! It was my 
pathetic attempt at humour.

I'll try to parse it:
1)  An Olivarian thread requires the involvement of the esteemed 
Oliver Jones. Only he seems to have the knack of making a thread his 
own (perhaps in his own image). One may liken it to a QWAN [1] and 
many of us wluggers secretly do covet it.

2)  "The Craig" refers to Craig (long suffering secretary).
3)  "he" in the last sentence of my paragraph refers to Craig (not 

The last time a genuine Olivarian thread surfaced, it caused you some 
dismay as you show in the 4th paragraph from the /bottom/:

To which Craig replied (very roughly along the lines I mentioned) as 
the next message in the thread.

4)  We've missed you on the list of late so I mischeviously connected 
your absence to the violence to which your delicate sensibilities 
were exposed in named thread. Not the case of course!

This was all in jest and the man himself sits back shaking his head 
at our attempts to plumb the depths of Olivarian QWAN :)

Anyway this and my previous mail should get the crap-of-the-month 

[1] For those who might not have come across QWAN: "Quality Without A 
Name" as used in the "patterns" community.

Cheers and apologies
  -- prophet of no things Olivarian

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