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Oliver Jones oliver@d...
Wed Apr 27 21:26:02 NZST 2005

> I'll try to parse it:
> 1)  An Olivarian thread requires the involvement of the esteemed 
> Oliver Jones. Only he seems to have the knack of making a thread his 
> own (perhaps in his own image). One may liken it to a QWAN [1] and 
> many of us wluggers secretly do covet it.

I do tend to mouth on a bit at times.  ;)

> The last time a genuine Olivarian thread surfaced, it caused you some 
> dismay as you show in the 4th paragraph from the /bottom/:

Crikey that seems like a long time ago.  I barely even remember writing
it, and reading it again now makes me shudder at my own self

> This was all in jest and the man himself sits back shaking his head 
> at our attempts to plumb the depths of Olivarian QWAN :)

As Craig pointed out in his own lovable way in the follow up to the June
2004 post, much of what is said on the WLUG list is pure stream of
consciousness.  Rarely is it ordered or even logically sound.  These are
probably traits that many of us, certainly I, picked up as Hamilton BBS
users/sysops (ah the memories), and besides, the contradictions and
posturing is what makes it interesting. :)  These are supposed to be
friendly Linux related discussions, not debates.  We are the WLUG, not
the Oxford debating society.

For future reference, I tend to write what I think or feel at the time.
I'm an instinctive "gut" thinker.  Rarely do I sit there and work out
reasoned logical arguments.  This puts me at the emotional end of the
geek spectrum rather than the logical & analytical end.  

Aristotle (who I don't think I have ever met personally) strikes me as
one of those logical & analytical types.  A very smart person in his own
right who points out many valid things whenever he posts.  Though, due
to our different personality types it is not surprising that we
occasionally butt heads.

                   Oliver Jones » Roving Code Warrior
   oliver@d... » +64 (21) 41 2238 » 

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