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[wlug] Programming in bwBasic - newbie Linz

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Greig McGill greig@h...
Mon May 2 06:02:47 NZST 2005

Lindsay wrote:
> I have downloaded and installed BWBasic to tinker with some older basic
> programming code that I know.

I'd echo the previous poster.  BASIC is a bad idea for so many reasons, 
far beyond just the usual language biases people have.  BASIC teaches 
really bad habits.  It's "considered harmful". ;)

> I cant get it to run in RUN but it starts in Terminal.  However, with no
> GUI I tell tell what I'm doing.

I'm not sure what you mean by this?  Are you typing RUN at the $ prompt?
Most interpreted languages require a "shebang" as the first line in your 
code - the bit that tells the script where to find its interpreter.  It 
usually looks like this: #!/usr/local/mylanguageoftheweek/interpreter

> 1) Is there away to make this more visual i.e. like GWBasic, Quick
> Basic?

Erm.  You tell us.  I'll wager no one else here has used BWBasic. :)

> 2) Where can I find some coding instructions?  (I have googled without
> getting anything I thought was relevant)

Coding instructions?  Where do you wish to start?  What are you coding?

> Thanks in advance

Not sure I've been helpful, but then you have left me quite confused. :P


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