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[wlug] Problems with 2.6.11 on FC3

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Daniel Lawson daniel@m...
Sun May 29 22:31:13 NZST 2005

>I've never gotten Firewire to work.  Though I've not tried hard.  I
>actually don't even know how the Linux kernel treats firewire devices.
>Is it just like USB Storage systems? 

More or less. You load ieee1394.ko, ohci1394.ko and sbp2.ko, and a 
scsi-style device appears for each disk.

>FC3's hotplug/udev support is quite nice.  Sure the device order can
>change but it always mounts the drive in the same place.  It uses the
>filesystem's volume label to name the mount point too.  Eg my 200GB
>drive is always mounted as /media/SWAG as it's VFAT volume label is

yep. I think udev finally got things right in a way that devfs could 
never quite manage. My USB stick is keyed off its serial number.

Some of the udev examples are kind of contrived, but show up the 
flexibility. One of the more contrived examples is to do a cddb lookup 
on audio cds as they are inserted, and to mount them as 
/dev/$artist_$album  (well, to symlink that to the actual device name 

>Yes it could be any of these things.  On the whole, quite annoying.  But
>I survive.  Personally I wish we just used Ethernet for everything.  At
>least that works flawlessly.  Everything should be connected to the
>network.  Sun's (now cliched) slogan of "The Network is the Computer"

This is almost happening. Ethernet connected disks (ATA over Ethernet, as a cheaper alternative to iSCSI.

Also, you can get a fairly wide range of SOHO/home user "NAS" devices 
that you plug USB or firewire disks into, and it "just works" and then 
presents them as samba or NFS share. There are "media centers" along 
this line as well.  Although, they are probably all running linux of 
some form underneath the covers, and might exhibit just as many problems 
as you've seen :)

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