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[wlug] Problems with 2.6.11 on FC3

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Oliver Jones oliver@d...
Mon May 30 15:23:23 NZST 2005

> More or less. You load ieee1394.ko, ohci1394.ko and sbp2.ko, and a 
> scsi-style device appears for each disk.

Right.  Nowdays I'd expect this sort of thing to happen automatically
due to hotplug etc.

> yep. I think udev finally got things right in a way that devfs could 
> never quite manage. My USB stick is keyed off its serial number.

Indeed.  I twiddled with my setup to get it to name my wireless card
correctly.  It kept getting names like dev1234 (where 1234 would change
every boot).  Made setting up a network tricky.  Now it appears the
wireless drivers I use can be given a module option to fix the device

> Some of the udev examples are kind of contrived, but show up the 
> flexibility. One of the more contrived examples is to do a cddb lookup 
> on audio cds as they are inserted, and to mount them as 
> /dev/$artist_$album  (well, to symlink that to the actual device name 
> anyway)

Indeed but very flexible, which is good.

> This is almost happening. Ethernet connected disks (ATA over Ethernet, 
> as a cheaper alternative to iSCSI.

Indeed I've read about Coraid gear.  Very nice.  Presents the ATAoE
device as a block device to the Linux kernel.  Has some limitations
though due to its simplicity.

> Also, you can get a fairly wide range of SOHO/home user "NAS" devices 
> that you plug USB or firewire disks into, and it "just works" and then 
> presents them as samba or NFS share. There are "media centers" along 
> this line as well.  Although, they are probably all running linux of 
> some form underneath the covers, and might exhibit just as many problems 
> as you've seen :)

Yeah.  I'm occasionally tempted to get a NAS.  But often they are more
expensive than they should be.  Ie, you could build a simple Linux NAS a
lot cheaper than the off the shelf ones.

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