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[wlug] D-Link DSL-302G modem queries

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Warren wazza@c...
Thu Nov 10 23:39:38 NZDT 2005

Leslie Katz wrote:

>I use the above modem, connected to my Ethernet port, with Fedora 
>Core 3, kernel version 2.6.12-1.1378.

Is this the 302G that Xtra is providing free with it's broadband
offerings? ... Seems to be something a little strange with the firmware
loaded on it ...

>1. Is there some thing I should be doing to access the server in Linux Firefox?
I use the above modem, and have no problems with Firefox under linux ...
(can't say I was too bothered trying anything else)

>2. If I can't use Linux Firefox, is there some other browser anyone's 
>used successfully? (I tried lynx, but it wouldn't work, I suppose 
>because of the need for username and password. Maybe one can add 
>those to the lynx command string, but that's way beyond my capabilities.)
Lynx will probably break if there is javascript funkiness going on ...

>3. Finally, I don't understand the effect of changing settings on the 
>modem, but is it possible that changing them through Windows, which I 
>think I could manage, would change them for Linux too? (I don't know 
>how to express the idea technically correctly, but are those changes 
>somehow internal to the modem and independent of the operating system 
>used with the modem?)

On my particular modem, the web front end was (and still is) seriously
brain dead.  My other equipment was already configured to use
192.168.x.x ... so I really didn't want to go changing all my equipment
to 10.x.x.x ... in the end I telneted into the unit and configured from
there.  To be honest, if it wasn't the cost, I wouldn't have bothered
getting as far as I have with this one ...

>If anyone can give me information on any of the above questions, I'd 
>be very grateful.
I wouldn't mind if someone could point me in the direction of how to get
around my SPA-3000 problems with one-way audio - but only if someone on
freshtel calls me ... but until I get my asterisk box going, that's
sorta off topic ;)

Cheers all,

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