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[wlug] D-Link DSL-302G modem queries

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Andrew Thrift andrew@t...
Fri Nov 11 10:33:46 NZDT 2005

My reccomendation, as always is to put the modem into half-bridge mode 
and control the ports using shorewall/iptables on the linux machine.  It 
is much easier.

Leslie Katz wrote:

>I use the above modem, connected to my Ethernet port, with Fedora 
>Core 3, kernel version 2.6.12-1.1378.
>I wanted to try out an application called Qnext, which is, among 
>other things, a videoconferencing application. However, it insisted 
>that the ports it required on my machine for incoming communications 
>were not accesible by external contacts.
>Looking for the reason why that was, I found at the Australian D-Link 
>site information about opening ports in the modem and realised that 
>that was my problem. The D-Link information was for Windows only, so 
>I looked on the Web to try to find information applicable to Linux. 
>That led me to the WLUG Wiki page on the DSL-302G. That page contains 
>the fullest information available on the topic, at least according to 
>my Google searches
>I'm posting this because I'm hopeful that a subscriber to the list 
>has followed the instructions on the Wiki page successfully to open a 
>port. Unfortunately, I haven't even been able to take the first step, 
>accessing the modem's internal web server.
>My Linux browser is Firefox. When I ask it to go to, I'm 
>prompted for the user name and password and I give those and press 
>Enter. Then, the browser says that it's waiting for and 
>never connects.
>My computer is dual-booting and my Windows browser is Firefox too. I 
>tried to access with it and had exactly the same result. I 
>also have Internet Explorer and when I go through the same routine 
>with it, I get the modem's internal web server instantaneously.
>Here are my questions:
>1. Is there some thing I should be doing to access the server in Linux Firefox?
>2. If I can't use Linux Firefox, is there some other browser anyone's 
>used successfully? (I tried lynx, but it wouldn't work, I suppose 
>because of the need for username and password. Maybe one can add 
>those to the lynx command string, but that's way beyond my capabilities.)
>3. Finally, I don't understand the effect of changing settings on the 
>modem, but is it possible that changing them through Windows, which I 
>think I could manage, would change them for Linux too? (I don't know 
>how to express the idea technically correctly, but are those changes 
>somehow internal to the modem and independent of the operating system 
>used with the modem?)
>If anyone can give me information on any of the above questions, I'd 
>be very grateful.
>PS: Ian McDonald, who kindly directed me to this list, said he 
>thought that there'd been some discussion on this list recently about 
>my modem. I searched for "302" by thread for each month for 2005, but 
>found nothing. Perhaps the thread didn't make reference to that 
>number. In any event, if you see this, Ian, I wouldn't want you to 
>think I didn't bother trying the archives first.
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