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[wlug] Installing Skype on Ubuntu [Rant]

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Mathew Carley mathewc@h...
Sun Nov 13 09:43:40 NZDT 2005

Today I "rescued" my laptop (temporary measure as it needs the hard disk
replaced) by installing Ubuntu Hoary over what was SuSE 9.3.

1. Yes, I know I could get breezy. It would take <5 minutes to download on
my connection here (Yay for 40 megabits).
2. SuSE 10 will be going on the new hard drive, anyway. [That DVD ISO took
around 2 hours]

Here's why I'm a bit frustrated at the moment with Ubuntu:

I wanted to install Skype. Skype is a KDE app, (and it looks ugly in Gnome -
there are workarounds, but aside from that). It requires libqt3-xxxxxxxx.

Firstly, I was trying to install it from the .deb package distributed on <> (skype_1.2.0.18-1_i386).

Err, no - turns out I needed libqt3c102-mt_3.3.4-3_i386. So I download it. I
read that I can use libqt3-mt_3.3.5-1_i386 instead, which is supposed to be
a better way...

I thought hrm... I should only need this package and maybe one other... but
no. Next, it tells me that I need (insert several GCC-related libraries and
supporting packages * 6)

Why is none of this mentioned on any of the forums I ended up going to?

Long story short: Here is what I ended up downloading and installing with
dpkg (and for some parts I used Synaptic, but I couldn't make a local
repository? What about apt-get? Would that have made life easier?):
[and Ubuntu versions of initrd-tools 0.1.77 and 0.1.78; however they
wouldn't work with libc6]
libqt3c102-mt_3.3.4-3_i386 [which was replaced with libqt3-mt_3.3.5-1_i386]
and of course

Not only did I have to get the required versions of these files from <>, but the Ubuntu versions were
"outdated" in terms of version numbering. According to most of what I read,
I should have just needed to resolve 1 or 2 things (ended up downloading the
repackaged skype .deb from a link posted on the Ubuntu Forums).

Now, aside from all that, when I went to install libc6_2.3.5-6_i386, I found
it conflicted with initrd-tools. Which is a vital part of the OS, if I am
not mistaken. However at some stage over the several hours I was installing
and figuring all this out, it installed.

At some stage Synaptic decided that it would be a good idea (well, it asked,
and there didn't appear to be any "argh! don't do that!" option) to remove
most of the base system because I no longer had initrd-tools.

So I downloaded initrd-tools 0.1.81, installed that, but now I want to
install things like locale, but it won't because it needs a whole lot of
other things. I think if I reboot this machine it... well... won't.

Perhaps I will download and install Breezy and give the same task a go. As I
mentioned originally, installing Ubuntu on this hard-drive was just a
temporary measure so that I could at least browse the net.

I like Ubuntu, but I felt that I really had to stuff around to get this app
installed (and even then it doesn't seem to quite work correctly). Did I
just have a bad experience (that perhaps I shouldn't have?)

Maybe I have been somewhat spoiled by SuSE, and I don't use Debian-based
Distros that often, so I'm not as used to them, but has anyone else
experienced similar problems? This is the part where you all go: you didn't
need to do all that, you should have .... :-)


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